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Visual Renderings of Ariel

The spirit Ariel has been imagined in many forms, both in the context of productions/adaptations of The Tempest, as a literary figure in his own right. By examining images of Ariel, the discerning viewer can learn about the themes of the play and attributes of the character which have been important to each artist.

Henry Fuseli's Ariel

This famous depiction of Ariel paints him and his connection with nature as a foreboding force. Riding on a bat, an animal with overwhelmingly dark connotations, Ariel's presence over the unsuspecting humans makes him a much more terrifying figure than the text alone might suggest.

A puppetry production

This representation of Ariel, taken from a puppetry performance of The Tempest, shows his form as very strange and inhuman, drawing out themes of his "other-ness" and connection with a natural world. The idea of Ariel as a puppet is interesting in itself, as it explores the struggle for control and freedom present throughout The Tempest.

Kate Newlyn's sculpture of Ariel

Rather than focusing on Ariel's otherness, this sculpture seems to celebrate him as graceful and magestic in a specifically human way. While this does not negate his connection with the magical -- the suggestion of flowing fabric gives the statue movement and charm -- it does suggest that the source of the magic is not far removed from humanity in its wild, natural state.

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